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A Brief Biography of Dr. Randolph Stone     By Peggy Barrett

For Thought     By Randolph Stone

What Is Polarity?        By Sher Smith   

The Esoteric Foundations Of Polarity Therapy     By Jim Fairman  

What is Polarity Thru The Elements     By Sher Smith

Polarity Therapy Thru The Senses     By Sher Smith

A Work In Progress, The Practice Of Polarity     By Renee B Weidel

Realizing The Depths Of Polarity     By Sher Smith

Elemental Bodywork     By Morag Campbell

Polarity And Trauma     By Dr. Chandana Becker

The Power Of Polarity     By Virginia Hanspiker

Everyday Polarity On The Island Of The Gods     By Danielle Genereux

Which Is Deeper, Massage Therapy Or Polarity Therapy?     By Virgina Hanspiker

Polarity Therapy In A Clinical Setting     By Jade Altavilla-Castaldo

Integrating Polarity Therapy And Dentistry      By Margaret Jones

What Polarity Therapy Means To Me     By Pat Ransom

What Polarity Therapy Means To Me     By Shirley Prouty

What Polarity Therapy Means To Me     By Jade Altavilla-Castaldo & Tom Russel

In Practice     By Jim Fulton & Bill Close

Polarity Tea And The Biologic Electron     By John Chitty

Squatting Postures     By Jim Fulton

A Testimony To The Tendon Guard Reflex     By Rick Barrett

The Healing Process      Dr. Chandana Becker

Optimum Health And Spiritual Growth      By Iva Lloyd

The Language Of The Body     By Iva Lloyd

The Language Of The Toes     By Iva Lloyd

When The Heart Attacks     By Peggy Barrett

The Liver Master Organ Extraordinaire     By Victoria Lorient-Faibish

In Your Opinion Options for Asthma     By Victoria Lorient-Faibish

Childhood Sexual Abuse And Being     By Susan Samila

Intuition As A Spiritual Faculty     By Lynn Walden

Intent & Integrity The Keys To Being Present     By Jim Fairman

Chakras     By Virgina Hanspiker

Manifesting Your Dreams     By Sher Smith

Super Conscious Psychotherapy     By John Beaulieu

The Power Of My Thoughts     By Sher Smith

Springtime     By Sher Smith

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