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About CPTA


The Canadian Polarity Therapy Association (CPTA), formerly the Ontario Polarity Therapy Association (OPTA), operates on the non-profit principle and is dedicated to the development of Polarity Therapy in Canada. The American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) is the qualifying body of Polarity Therapy in North America.   In Canada a membership to a Canadian Association is required when applying for holistic licensing (unless you are practicing under a different designation).

CPTA provides Canadian Polarity Practitioners with assistance and support in local matters, such as practitioner liability insurance, private insurance health claim recognitions, municipal licensing, joint advertising and promotion, and healthcare fairs and expositions.

Along with special events and workshops, CPTA co-ordinates regular meetings to keep members aware of any local issues and abreast of new information, techniques, and advances in the evolvement of Polarity Therapy throughout the world-wide community.

Our Mission Statement

The Canadian Polarity Therapy Association (CPTA) is committed to stimulating and supporting Polarity Therapy Practitioners in their development and practices, as well as educating and increasing awareness and knowledge of Polarity Therapy in Canada.

CPTA is dedicated to the highest standards of Ethics, Professionalism and Integrity in the practice of Polarity Therapy and acts as a resource for members, through the dynamic promotion and energetic development of a unified community.

Our organization and members are available to assist you with any further questions. We welcome you to contact us.

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