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History of Polarity Therapy


Polarity Therapy was developed and founded by the late Dr. Randolph Stone DC, DO, ND (1890 – 1981), a doctor of chiropractic, osteopathic and naturopathic medicine. Dr. Stone researched the healing systems of both modern Western medicine and the ancient Eastern knowledge, drawing heavily on Ayurvedic and Chinese systems.


For over 60 years, he traveled, studied, tested and synthesized health ideas from around the world. Whereby the classical approach to health care often required many repeated administrations, consultations or manipulations, Dr. Stone discovered that by using an energy approach of bi-polar contacts, tissue responses were faster, lasted longer, and patients required fewer visits.


From his studies, he came to understand that when the body is supported in returning to its natural state of rest, relaxation and balance, then its own innate ability to heal is activated.

Dr. Stone chose the term Polarity to describe the qualities of attraction and repulsion, the fundamental characteristics of all energy movement. By blending all of his knowledge, he was able to extract a set of principles that govern the fine energy currents in the body:

  1. Any one part of a system affects the whole system, like a hologram.

  2. When more layers and aspects of a person are worked on, the results are greater, faster, more stable and longer lasting. When the body alone is relaxed, the change is temporary. When the thinking and the response to stress triggers also change, then the changes have a greater chance of lasting.

In his clinical practice, Dr. Stone refined the Polarity concept to a practical and extremely effective healing art. Passing on his knowledge to students, he taught that body, emotions, mind and spirit are all interdependent, that each person shares in the responsibility for their own health, and that simple steps can be taken to improve wellness.

Today, Polarity Therapy continues to evolve and is rapidly growing in public awareness, availability and acceptance. Polarity gives a fresh perspective on health conditions, and a personal experience of renewed energy and vitality.

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