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Polarity Therapy


Human touch can promote calmness, revitalization and integration of the whole person. This belief is ancient and exists in all cultures. Recent advances in measuring the effects of different therapeutic interventions demonstrates scientifically how one person’s electromagnetic field can be influenced and affected through the touch of a trained practitioner, ultimately influencing their state of health.

 In the Polarity Therapy model, the practitioner is neither deemed to be giving away, nor channeling energy. Rather, the practitioner’s hands function as the positive/negative poles of a battery. This encourages the free flow of energy within the “battery” that is the human body. It works to unblock and utilize the energy that is already within the system.

The practitioner simply waits for a balance, a sensation that they recognize in their hands.

The practitioner’s hands assist the flow of healing energy in the client’s body often resulting in a profound state of relaxation.

A variety of touches, ranging from light (Sattvic) to medium or stimulating (Rajasic) to deep (Tamasic), are used to activate the client’s innate healing ability by connecting specific reflex points or areas on the body.

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