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      Study by: Karen M. Mustian, PhD, MPH1 , Joseph A. Roscoe, PhD1 , Oxana G. Palesh, PhD, MPH1 , Lisa K. Sprod, PhD1 , Charles E.                   Heckler, PhD1 , Luke J. Peppone, PhD1 , Kenneth Y. Usuki, MD1 , Marilyn N. Ling, MD1 , Ralph A. Brasacchio, MD1 , and Gary R. Morrow,           PhD, MS

  • Gamma Radiation Fluctuations During Alternative Healing Therapy
    Study by: M. Sue Benford, RN. MA, Joseph Talnagi BS, MS, Deborah Burr Doss, PhD, Shane Boosey, BFA, and Larry E. Arnold


  • Polarity for Balance: The Science of Energy Medicine
    By Mary Jo Ruggieri, PhD, RPP, Director of the Columbus Institute for Polarity Therapy


  • Electromagnetism, Healing and Polarity Therapy
    By Howard Kiewe

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